Casey wearing teal large plant leaf earrings while wearing a black and tan outfit
  • Name: Casey Sanginario
  • Occupation: Owner/Founder of Island Wellness Centers
  • Location: Newport, Rhode Island
  • Instagram: @high_priestess_ri_ or @islandwellnesscenters
  • Bio: Casey Sanginario is the owner of Island Wellness Centers, holistic 420 friendly wellness centers and CBD dispensaries, located in Providence and Middletown Rhode Island. Casey was borned and raised in Rhode Island, graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Communication Studies and Women's Studies. Aside from operating Island Wellness Centers she also manages multiple c@nn@bis Cultivator marketing programs throughout Rhode Island. Casey is known as High Priestess RI on social media and is a passionate c@nn@bis educator and content creator.
  • How long have you worked in they industry: Since 2019
  • What’s your favorite method to consume? Joints for life!
  • What’s something you accomplished recently that you’re proud of? I recently opened an Amethyst Crystal Cave at the Providence, RI location of Island Wellness Centers.  This space took over a year to complete and is the most magical crystal sesh spot of my dreams.

    amethyst crystal cave
  • What would you like our readers to know about you? I may come off all business, but I am really a goofy person who enjoys self-care, snacks and Biggie Smalls.
  • In what settings or occasions do you wear High On Plants' earrings, and how do they make you feel? I love wearing them to networking events because it easily identifies my stance on c@nn@bis and I find it makes me more approachable to those who are still not as open with their consumption.
  • What message or sentiment do you want to convey by wearing our c@nn@bis-themed earrings? I really want people to begin normalizing seeing c@nn@bis icons, symbols and pictures in everyday life. And I also want them to begin associating it with productive humans.